Museums of Crime and Forensic

Museums of Crime and Forensic

parallel-worlds between Scharnstein/Austria and Wroclaw/Poland

The new EPISODE 10 examines "CRIME AND FORENSIC" - a fascinating look into the mechanics of forensic science and a disturbing subject of unnatural death, where the confrontation is more thoughtful than anywhere else.

 forensic - HOMICIDES, SUICIDES, ACCIDENTS - is shown to the public like CSI or whatever. It is nice but has nothing to do with the reality. It is a good fake but not more.

The collections of the two Museums in Castle Scharnstein and Wroclaw are two big confronations. Someone is at the wrong place at the wrong time. A hunt for circumstances, a hunt for HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHY.

Sometimes a whole biography is there in the case. The wounds and scars gathered in a lifetime. The way people die is a reflexion of the way they live. A lot of different tools of crime are part of the environments of disasters and death.

When viewers are uncomfortable or shocked, the exhibitions work as it should. You have to rebel against habits, otherwise you will die and stagnate.

Sequenzes / Interviews:
Schloss / Castle Scharnstein – Criminal Museum in Upper Austria
Mag. Harald Seyrl – Owner and Curator of the Museum
Museum of Forensic – Medical University of Wroclaw / Poland
Jedrzej Siuta MD – Medical Examiner and Curator of the Museum

In various sequences an attempt is made to address these parallel worlds in film
(art, science, culture, medicine, psychology, etc.)



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