• OKTO is a non-commercial TV station that has served as a media platform for a pluralistic society since the fall of 2005. As a participatory medium, OKTO supports and fosters creative minds and people and communities with an interest in media, helping them bring topics and concerns to the small screen that might not find a spot on mainstream television.

    With its diverse, frequently unusual and often unpredictable content, OKTO offers its viewers an interesting complementary program that includes many things that can’t be found on public or commercial television.

  • OKTO is backed by the “Verein zur Gründung und zum Betrieb Offener Fernsehkanäle Wien” (association for the foundation and operation of public-access television channels in Vienna), an interest group whose board includes: Armin Thurnher, Dr. Peter Huemer, Mag. Dr. Tassilo Pellegrini, Dr. Vedran Dzihic, Dr. Maria Windhager, Dr. Edith Bachkönig, Dr. Helga Schwarzwald and Joanna Liu (MA), Otalia Sacko (MA). OKTO is broadcast by the nonprofit Community TV-GmbH (more information), under the management of Christian Jungwirth.

    OKTO is mainly financed through the “Non-Commercial Broadcasting Fund” of the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (Rundfunk- und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, RTR-GmbH).

  • You can watch OKTO all over Austria with A1 TV or UPC. Those in Lower Austria and Burgenland can also get OKTO as part of kabelplus’s digital package. What’s more, OKTO reaches homes in the greater Vienna area and parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland via DVB-T2 | simplyTV. In addition to cable and DVB-T2, our program is also livestreamed worldwide. If you miss a show, you can catch up anywhere and anytime on Oktothek.
  • You don’t have to be a professional to make a TV show at OKTO. Anyone with an interest in media and a creative mind can turn their ideas and concepts – their vision – into an independent, autonomous TV show. The producers determine the content of their own shows, as long as they comply with OKTO’s guidelines.

    In particular, OKTO offers a platform to topics that receive too little attention elsewhere. At present, more than 500 enthusiastic individuals produce over 100 series that are regularly broadcast on OKTO. You can find an overview of our diverse program here.

  • The shows are just as diverse and wide-ranging as one would expect from a metropolitan broadcaster like OKTO: from socio-critical and socio-political magazine programs to youth and entertainment programs to science and education, there’s quite a lot to choose from on OKTO. Particular emphasis is placed on multilingual shows and art and culture programs. The content of each particular episode is up to that show’s production team—OKTO simply makes sure that nobody violates the general programming guidelines or relevant laws.

    More information about our TV program can be found on our website.

  • You can find our current TV program on our website at https://www.okto.tv/de/tv/ (only available in German). By subscribing to our TV newsletter you will also get updates and information every two weeks, including TV tips, course offerings and information about the exciting events endorsed by OKTO as media partner. Subscribe to the newsletter here: newsletter@okto.tv.

  • We’re always happy to hear new ideas for shows! If you’re interested in making a show at OKTO, you’re welcome to come to our free information session and learn about how it all works and what you will need. You can find the dates and times for upcoming workshops at https://www.okto.tv/de/workshops/ (only available in German).

  • The first step is to write up a description of your show idea and send it to programm@okto.tv. As soon as we receive your idea, a personal meeting will be arranged with our Community Management team. OKTO’s personnel will advise you as to what form your pilot episode could take. As soon as content and technical objectives have been established, you and your production team can begin filming your pilot.

  • A pilot episode is the very first episode of a new show. The pilot is produced to illustrate what the show will look like and must be submitted for monitoring and fine-tuning before the show is broadcast on TV.

  • OKTO is a place that where you can learn those media skills. In our courses you’ll learn the basics of making television (cinematography, sound, editing) as well as important regulations in media and copyright law. Also, we’re always offering workshops where you can enhance your skills even further: https://www.okto.tv/de/workshops/ (only available in German). In order to ensure responsible use of our equipment, cutting rooms and studio, participation in the basic workshops is required prior to using our resources.

  • OKTO charges a (non-cost-covering) deductible for participation in our courses. You can find the current course overview, including prices, here.

    OKTO provides all production teams free access to modernly equipped cutting rooms, camera packages and our own television studio.
    https://okto.tv/de/workshops/ (only available in German)

  • There are always production teams looking for collaborators and additional help. Producers are also often on the lookout for people interested in helping out on studio productions. To find out who is looking for help on what project, contact the program team at programm@okto.tv.

  • Temporary projects are welcome on OKTO as well. Our program team is happy to coordinate broadcasting slots for temporary projects on OKTO. Please send a short description including the topic, content and length of the piece to programm@okto.tv.

  • No. At OKTO, kids and teens make television too. However, for legal reasons, the person responsible for the production does have to be of age (for example a teacher, a parent etc.)

  • Each production team has an individual email address at OKTO at which they can be reached. Generally these email addresses follow this pattern: “ShowTitle@okto.tv,” so for example the email address for the show Oktoskop is oktoskop@okto.tv.

  • As a non-commercial TV station, OKTO does not broadcast any commercials. We are, however, always willing to consider proposals for media cooperation, sponsoring partnerships or patronage with select partners. Please send inquiries to pr@okto.tv

  • Barring copyright restrictions, all shows that have been broadcast on OKTO can be found on Oktothek immediately after first airing on TV. You can find specific episodes either by checking the TV program or by using the full-text search.

  • There are many reasons you might not be able to find a show on Oktothek: Episodes only become available on Oktothek after they have aired for the first time on TV. However, some shows may not be offered online due to copyright regulations. We are working on uploading our entire archive—dating back to our first broadcasts in 2005—onto Oktothek; unfortunately that means that not all of our older episodes are available on our website yet. We appreciate your patience.

    If you have any questions regarding our program, please write to: programm@okto.tv