Episode Nr. 9

Episode Nr. 9

FLUXUS DECALCOMANIA – Harald Koeck invited students of the Medical University to be a part of a exciting performance. They transform the colours/pigments of a human body on shrouds and create a rainbow garden of forensic and pathological investigation - whether they will - act on the shrouds or make documentations like videos or photos at the Auditorium of Department of Medical Biochemistry.

FLUXUS PATHOLOGY – Installations in the autopsy of the Jakob Erdheim Institute, Department of Pathology, Vienna Hospital. Imprints of shrouds are reconstructed. The last traces, structures and signs of existence are made visible as replicas of anatomical model skeletons using various materials, earth colors, etc. Decalcomania serves as a conscious and targeted intervention.

FARRAGO – a visit in the studio of Anna Pansewicz and Mariej Malczewski at Krakow. A place of different curiosities like a flea market.

OFFSOCIETY NYC. – photographs outside the mainstream
in the East Village and the surrounding area from 1992 – 1994. Life, subculture, devastation, junk architecture and installations shape this documentary away from the kitsch, glimmer and bubble gum pop. The ambivalence sets in as a unity of opposites and the adaptation to a certain environment between skyscrapers and living in a box. An attempt to show a state connection to the scene.

ART AND CANCER – Guido Huonder who wants openness, no larmoyancy, a cripple and a human being.

STAR OF DAVID, TRANGLE RULER, CEMETERY - two triangles make a Star of David. A conglomerate of yellow Stars of David, set squares and tombstones create a film collage in the New Jewish cemetery in Krakow Kazimierz in Poland. A tour through the grave field brings fictitious geometric and drawn traces to life.



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