#13_11 DORA BLEU "visions blinking in and out of desire and un-desire"

#13_11 DORA BLEU "visions blinking in and out of desire and un-desire"

Dora Bleu had two forthcoming releases in fall 2017. She is currently residing between NY, Montreal and Vienna.

Through the echoes of an acoustic guitar and vocal expressions, Dora Bleu explores intimate experience as the place where the capitalist war state replenishes itself. Her work is neither fully composed nor improvisational. The songs follow their own inner sense of narrative time, and are simultaneously tonal and atonal. The guitar is sparse, tense, atmospheric, suggestive of without enacting melodies, sometimes dissonant. The vocals contribute to uneven compositions filled with stark silences and bent notes. The songs intend to violate the concept of genre, to infuse storytelling and text with trauma, vulnerability and the raw and unprotected.



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