Željko Jančić Zec

Željko Jančić Zec

Željko Jančić Zec is an Vienna-based visual, performing and media artist. He performed and exhibited in Europe and America. His paintings are powerful and evocative, full of expression vital and creative energy, the author establishes a successful dialogue with the visual experience of the great teachers of color, without falling into the trap of imitating, creating his own authentic artistic expression undoubted value. Numerous of his works are in public and private property. Željko is a member of UPUH Croatia (Croatian Dancers Association) and of IG Freie Theaterarbeit (Austrian Association of Independent Theatre) and IG Bildende Kunst (Austrian Association of Independent Visual Arts). He founded the art association PART OF ART in Vienna and is Co-President of World Art Games (WAG) Austria. As a choreographer and director, he teaches dance, physical theater and drama.



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