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Director: Anna Grigorian Film: Unsettled Synopsis: "Unsettled" by Anna Grigorian is a sarcastic and somber piece, looking at the power relations between an individual and an institution. The video starts with mocking advertising pitches suggesting to find opinions “safe” for you and your environment. Why go into the trouble of thinking for yourself when you can comfortably adopt views that are “registered, tested, and approved.” The work gradually slides into a more meditative phase involving quotes from “Dialogues” by Gilles Deleuze on fixed social determinations. "Unsettled" doesn’t seek to create a fruitless duality of “us” people vs. “them” institutions. The structures we live in are after all entirely human-made. The work is more of a contemplation on the subject of institutional power, including on how seductive, and at the same time corrosive and suppressive it can be. ____________________________________ Director: Erica Schreiner Film: Blue Transcendence Synopsis: Blue Transcendence is a montage of blue butterflies, a performance in blue, and time lapse of a candle burning during a magical spell. The narration guides the audience through a psychedelic experience, reflecting on real friendships and the importance of being silly. Blue Transcendence was filmed by Erica Schreiner on her VHS camera in her apartment. ____________________________________ Director: John Woodman Film: Little Flowers Synopsis: Filming a simple display of spring wild flowers in a glass vase placed in a church window and patiently hoping that a ray of light, by chance, might eventually enter the church while I was filming to illuminate them. Featuring LIGHT, Dandelions, Bluebells , Campions, Buttercups and Forget-Me-Nots. This observational video was made hand held in a long continuous take with an emphasis on the importance of light, duration, and visual transformation and how changes in light affect our perception of space. It was filmed silently with no sound track to focus predominantly on the visual and to provide a contemplative and reflexive experience for the viewer. ''If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness'' St Theresa of Lisieux __________________________________________ Director: Brittany Severance Film: Correspondence Synopsis: Correspondence is a silent experimental video about the complexities of communication and the many ways we can convey our ideas and emotions, with or without technology.

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  • Tagesaktuelle News zur internationalen Politik, präsentiert von Amy Goodman und Juan González.
  • „African Diaspora and Culture Radio TV“ ist das TV-Format, das sich auf die afrikanische Community und Afrikainteressierte in Österreich konzentriert. Hier gibt es Informationen, Nachrichten und Ressourcen für alle, die sich mit afrikanischer Kultur und Geschichte verbunden fühlen. Der afrikanische Musikteil begeistert – KünstlerInnen kommen ins OKTO-Studio und sprechen über ihre musikalischen Erfahrungen – manchmal gibt es sogar Mini-Konzerte! ADC-RT filmt afrikanische Events, führt Interviews und berichtet über Geschäftsmöglichkeiten in Afrika. NGOs, erfolgreiche Projekte und Menschen mit afrikanischem Hintergrund werden in unserer Sendung vorgestellt.