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What has the internet ever done for us?

What has the internet ever done for us?

During the cold war, the internet offered a lifeline for journals to stay independent. In a time when online publishing was deeply contested, a group of people came together and took a leap of faith. Following a series of conferences, the Eurozine network was established in 1998. Today, with over 100 partner journals across Europe, one goal remains: to turn it into a starting point for European debate. With English being the lingua franca and in the face of multimedia, the fight for space continues.

Judith Vidal-Hall is a member of the Eurozine Advisory Board and has been recently appointed to the board of Centre Librexpression. She is a former editor of the free expression magazine Index on Censorship. Andrea Fredriksson-Zederbauer is co-editor of the Eurozine partner journal Wespennest and a translator from Swedish. Carl Henrik Fredriksson is a Swedish literary critic, columnist, essayist, and translator based in Vienna. He was Eurozine‘s first editor-in-chief from 1998 until 2015, and was previously the editor-in-chief of Swedish partner journal Ord&Bild. Walter Famler is a publisher, harmonium player, and the general secretary of the Alte Schmiede Kunstverein in Vienna. He was one of the founding Editors of Eurozine and has been a long-term editor of Eurozine’s founding partner journal Wespennest.



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