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Disability, physical and mental, acquired and congenital, have been with us literally forever. Disability is not an anomaly; it's simply a part of the human condition, but for disabled people to have self-determination and control of their lives, well, that’s a tougher topic. Disabled people face a higher risk of poverty or social exclusion and abuse. Medical needs are another pressing concern.

Bernadette Feuerstein is an Austrian disability rights activist and public official, known for her significant contributions to disability rights. She has been playing an important part in the Austrian disability movement, including her involvement in creating a barrier-free Austrian documentary on the topic.

Walter Mathes is an actor, art therapist, and a cartoonist. He’s also a community worker and theater trainer and has worked with people with special needs, addictions, and with penitentiary facilities.

Maria Dinold works on the integration of people with and without disabilities into cultural life and to promote social inclusion through artistic activity. Is a deputy chairperson of "Ich Bin O.K." Association. She’s the President of both the Austrian branch and the European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity.



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