Standard Time
It’s about time…

It’s about time…

Time - we’re all running out of it, despite most of us not agreeing on what it really is. In Europe alone, time zones differ according to each country’s specific historicity, making it difficult to decide on which one to follow.
Time zones and daylight saving time aren't just about what time we set our clocks to, but about our health as well. Losing or gaining one hour of sleep, for example, is the detrimental effect of time-warped bureaucracy. It is a continent-wide, history-laden, politically charged, chronobiological puzzle.
Prof. Dietrich Henckel is a board member of the German Society for Time Policy (DGfZP), and specialises in urban and regional economics.
Dr. Imre Márton Reményi is a Budapest-born and Vienna-raised expert, with a diverse background ranging from mechanical engineering to opera singing.
Mr. James Irons is a UK and Vienna-based comedian and professional actor who has played and appeared in multiple roles, including at the Open House Theatre in Vienna.



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