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Europe got you covered

Europe got you covered

Shelter constitutes one of the most basic necessities for any living being, and is an intrinsic part of the right to life. Yet all across the world, the possibilities to tend to this need are ever-decreasing, owing this to the political and economic systems governing our societies.

On a European level, and across European cities, real estate markets have turned into a hotbed for speculation, and finding an affordable place to live is becoming out of reach. If buying a house was already a lost card for this generation, it doesn’t get any better with renting one, either.

Elke Rauth is the editor of the urbanist magazine Dérive, and the co-curator of the urbanize! Festival for urban exploration. She is part of the habiTAT rental house syndicate of the Bikes and Rails House Project in Vienna; a network of self-organised housing projects that aim at buying houses and securing them as self-managed spaces.

Lenke Pálfi and Adél Csűrök are the colleagues of the From Streets to Homes Association, pioneering the Housing First method in Hungary. They help rough sleepers move into affordable rental housing, as well as advocate for affordable rental housing provision to become the institutional, national policy level solution to homelessness.



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