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STD Time: not at all a thing of the past

STD Time: not at all a thing of the past

This episode comes forth just ahead of 1 December, World AIDS Day, so we chose our topic accordingly. Albeit public discourse seems deeply interested in sexually transmitted diseases, we tend to discuss them as a thing of the past. They definitely did define the whole span of human history so far, but they are far from gone: more than 1 million new infections are acquired every day worldwide, and diseases like syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and HPV viruses are on the rise across Europe. Our guests discuss why this news remains under the radar, as well as the stigma of sexual and reproductive health.

Guests of the episode
Dr. Danae Maragouthakis, medical doctor, sex educator, co-founder of Yoxly
Dr. Béla Tamási, dermatologist and STD specialist, National STD Centre in Budapest, HU
Trajche Janushev, programme officer at SWAN, the Sex Worker’s Rights Advocacy Network



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