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War in Ukraine – Current situation and possible outcomes

War in Ukraine – Current situation and possible outcomes

Though Gerhard Mangott – like many experts – believed that there will be a militay conflict in the Ukraine, he didn't really believe that we would see a full-fledged war.
The political scientist talks about the health status of Vladimir Putin, which has been the basis for numerous speculations over the past couple of years.
A further topic of this interview is the European defensive situation, which still relies heavily on the United States, though several countries are going to increase their defense budget.
In Mangott's opinion the membership of the Ukraine in the European Union will happen, but rather later than sooner.
The connections of Putin to several right wing powers and parties and their followers in Europe and the United States are as well a topic of this interview, as are the (made up) reasons of Putin for his military escalation and the reaction of the Russian public and celebrities on Putin's war.



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