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War in Ukraine – What will be the costs for peace?

War in Ukraine – What will be the costs for peace?

In this week's analysis of the Ukraine war "Idealism prevails" explores whether the Ukrainian president's latest statements – that NATO membership is no longer mandatory and that the status of Donbass and Crimea can be negotiated – offer room for negotiations for a possible peace in Ukraine.
From a global perspective, Gerhard Mangott (Political Scientist) comments both on the impact of sanctions and on how Biden's bid to form an anti-Russian oil alliance with Middle Eastern states, as well as Venezuela, is doing. It is possible for Russia (and China) to banish the dollar from their economic cycle in the long run, but not likely at this time, as the dollar seems to remain robust.
All information reaching us from the war should be viewed with a critical distance. Mangott elaborates on how he himself deals with the search for trustworthy information – and with the role that he now plays as a multiplier of this information.
The Orthodox Church as an important base in Putin's power apparatus is discussed as well as the danger of NATO being drawn into this war, e.g. by the no-fly-zone demanded by Ukraine. Germany's new role as a possible future military power is also examined.



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