Das weisse Haus: "Tomorrow I will leave" von Nina Schuiki

Das weisse Haus: "Tomorrow I will leave" von Nina Schuiki

A subtle, semi-transparent haze now covers the window glass of das weisse haus. Inspired by graffiti, ubiquitous not only on the walls of buildings but also on the windows of public transportation, bus stops, and abandoned buildings, Nina Schuiki has developed the eponymous installation: „Tomorrow I Will Leave And Stick My Heart In My Head“ is written across the façade, but is only visible on selected windows. The artist's working method is characterized by active inscription in a space, whereby her spatial conquests are mostly cautious, minimalist gestures by means of which she shapes the atmosphere of the place. The exhibition space complements the outside intervention with poetic works that explore the relationship between art and emotionality.



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