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Iran Nuclear Deal - How to make it work again

Iran Nuclear Deal - How to make it work again

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Mangott (Professor of International Relations at the department of Political Science University of Innsbruck) explains in an interview with his colleague Mag. Matthias Penkin
the Iran nuclear deal (IND) in general, its present problems and the history of the downfall of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Prof. Mangott analyzes how Iran, the USA and the other 4 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom) plus Germany together with the European Union, who signed the JCPOA agreement on July 14th 2015 in Vienna, could renegotiate and reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal and possibly make it work again. The foreign policy expert emphasizes the crucial role the USA plays in all of this and offers his perspective on how Iran and the Biden administration could find common ground on this very important issue.



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