Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
Block 1

Block 1

The first selection consists of 4 short films:
1. Idomeni Ghetto (Author: Julia Minet)
The refugee camp’s inhabitants in Idomeni/Greece let us be part of the reality inside the camp and tell us about their journey to Europe and aboupt hopes for a new beginning.
2. A serious fun! (Author: Cécile Horreau)
For a group of friends their passion for dancing turned into a „pretty serious“ business.
3. Pruka (Authors: Steven Larkin, Javi Bautista, Nacho Sanchez, Sara Mozič, Joske Slabbers, Olga Muradyan)
Janko is probably the only person in the world who knows how to count in more than 25.000 different languages.
4. The gay life in Krsko (Authors: Nico Woche, Janina Tesch, Juliette Le Guennec, Bomm Lee, Toma Sito, Maja Isakovič)
This is a field study about the the gay life in the small town of Krsko in Slovenia.



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