Next global economic crisis is hyped by Media

Five (05) individuals from Five (05) continents, discuss the ground realities in their respective country-continent. The view is Apartheid & Migrants, a non-issue in another perspective, instead environmental sustainability the critical factor for our future Going beyond the usual suspects, rising above groupism; the group consensus for the need to have a more resilient system, that supports SMEs (small & medium enterprises & entrepreneurs) with an honest global connect.

Studio guests:

1. Ahmad Majid - Entrepreneur, Austria(EU) & West Punjab aka Pakisthan.

2. David Stein - Technical Copywriter, Chicago, USA

3. Paul Edwards - SME (Subject Matter Expert), SA (South Africa)

4. Sumiit Mathur (Skype Guest)- Senior Consultant (Sydney, Australia)

Kavindra Mathi - Host

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